BillytoonsGoa – Goa’s First NFT on

Its indeed a great moment for us to see Goa’ First NFT coming to life. Billytoons Goa has always been at the forefront of evolving technologies in digital art. From the colorful Goan art on social media to the trendy Goan Whatsapp stickers we have always led the way.

Today marks a new beginning as we venture into the world of NFT. A journey we embark on taking Goa into the world of blockchain’s and crypto’s. From Ethereum to Polygon, Getting listed on coinbase to BillytoonsGoa will be a representation of Goa into the decentralized world that is taking over the traditional way of doing business.

New to these words …of Block chain, crypto, decentralization, metaverse , Defi .. no need to worry, This world is still at infancy and much more is about to evolve.

So What is this NFT ?

NFT or Non Fungible Token are form of art, music and more that are unique in nature bought and sold using crypto. These are run on Ethereum or polygon blochains with a complete decentralized network.

In Simple terms, consider one piece of art that remains for life,

for example : Mona lisa can be owned by one one and this will remain for life as one piece of art. You can read more about the NFT and their functioning on the net.

Why to Own the NFT ?

If you are a Goan or have fond memories about Goa, maybe your roots are from Goa then this NFT is for you. A Unique,Goan Art that you can own as a crypto asset. The Very First Goan Crypto asset to go live on This is significant to possess and be proud of your roots. This can be an investment that could have fortunes created in the years to come. Our NFT’ S are limited, special editions that will never be brought back to life. The NFT serves as Crypto Assets and what better way to own a piece from your home land.

Here is your chance to get your hands on Goa’s First Global NFT … The First crypto asset from the land of Sun, Sand and Sea.